Creativity is an Unexpected Gift

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Here is my first “whatever you want” entry. This entry centers on creativity, design and culture. I found little 5-year-old Iris Grace on tumblr and was amazed by her story. Iris Grace has an incredible concentration span while she paints focusing on colors and how they interact with each other. Iris Grace’s work is likened to Monet’s works. But what makes Iris Grace so amazing is not her great success alone but rather her struggle with autism.

Iris Grace was diagnosed with autism after struggling with social interactions, obsessive behaviors, distress and inability to speak. With the help of therapists Iris Grace is slowly learning to speak. Painting helps Iris with speech therapy, joint attention and turn taking.

Iris Grace is an example of the unexpected gift of creativity. Many people have found an outlet through creativity. Whether a person is struggling with a mental illness, physical illness or is looking for an outlet from their busy life, creativity is often likened. Autism is a neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in social interactions. Iris Grace has found excitement and joy through the use of colors and style of painting. Now Iris Grace is able to express herself in a way that is so beautiful and meaningful. Creativity is an unexpected gift to many people.

Creativity is an Unexpected Gift

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