Kostis Pavlou.

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This is a “whatever you want post.” As a high school student I had much teenage angst. Teenage angst defined by Urban Dictionary states, “When teenagers, for any number of reasons combined with their hormones and stress from school, get depressed. Contrary to popular beleif, some teenagers actually do have it rough and have to deal with shit most adults don’t have to. Other teens don’t and just like to pretend they do. Either way, everyone has a right to be pissed off.” I was one of those kids who did have it hard and did go through some rough times… I had glasses and braces… dammit. I found tumblr to be an exciting creative outlet for me. I posted about art and culture and places I wanted to visit someday. I became obsessed with models who dropped out of school and artists who lived in flats in New York. It’s safe to say that I didn’t hang with the best crowd of students in high school.

Tumblr was good to me and still is honestly. Today I look to Tumblr to find inspiration and motivation… not just an outlet to let my rage take grasp. Recently I found an artist who caught my attention. He goes by Kostis Pavlou. He is a Greek illustrator and lover of all things vintage. He has a kind-of-Andy-Warhol feels to his art (step back to my love of Andy Warhol in my teenage angst days). Pavlou originally caught my attention by taking extremely weird scenarios and putting a vintage person in the scenario, doing something weirder than the scenario.

After more research I found that Pavlou uses his dreams for inspiration. Pavlou started as a graphic artist in the town of Katerini and grew to be an explorer of digital collage and a seeker of the implausible. His surrealistic perception and dislike of realistic elements pushes his visions of a woman swinging from a plane, men diving into a tuba and a lemon as the head of a man.

It is fun to come across good digital work. Pavlou is able to take crisp, clear, futuristic images and combine them with vintage photos of people. There is texture to each element and layers that are well merged. Pavlou is a modern day artist executing his personal vision of the world through graphic art. Artists today are greatly pushed to work with digital art in order to be hired as web designers, graphic artists and art directors. Pavlou proves that artists are able to express themselves through graphic art rather than a more traditional medium.

Kostis Pavlou.

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