Trident Gum Concept

trident-gum-concept-01 trident-gum-concept-08

Now doesn’t this just make you smile? I am a sucker for good packaging. The packaging concept seen above is creative and innovative.

So here is what is going on: Trident is a gum that protects teeth and gums between meals and whitens a person’s smile. The main feature of Trident Gum is “Protecting Teeth.” Designer Hani Douaji enhances the main feature by interactive packaging. There is a range of six packs that represent three flavors. Each pack has a cut out to look like a mouth with an illustration of lips or a mustache to define the mouth. The Trident Gum is shown through the hole to look like teeth.

Gum packaging is normally ignored because it is the gum inside the packaging that really matters to consumers. Douaji makes a connection between the packaging and the product. The product is shown through the packaging and illustrates a feature of the product: white teeth. The product is also being protected by the packaging just like the main feature of the product: protecting teeth. The ability to use interactive packaging to expose the main features of the product is effective advertising.

Trident Gum Concept

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