A Proud, Indignant Pickle’s Unlikely Path to Greatness

pickle-mcd-hed-2015 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.42.23 PM


Here’s to another “whatever you want” entry. So AdWeek says this is a strange long-copy print ad from McDonald’s Unlikely path to greatness. DDB Stockholm and copywriter Magnus Jakobsson is a master of surreal McDonald’s marketing. Jakobsson wrote the long-copy quirky print ad defense of cheese, narrated by cheese, in 2012. Now Jakobsson wrote another long-copy quirky print ad for the pickle.

The pickles story is that he was from a pickle jar and knew deep down inside his lowly heart that he deserved more. No longer did lowly pickle want to sit around diner parties for hours at a time. The lunch guests were never excited to see him, nor was he excited to see them. He wanted to stand out amongst other pickles. Other pickles laughed at his determination. But the pickle went on to fight for his dream. And boy did the pickle win. The pickle hanged with the cheeseburger, the hamburger, the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. The pickle knew that he was now desired and craved. Other pickles no longer laughed but turned sour by jealousy. The lowly pickle was now the happy pickle. For there is nowhere better for a pickle to be than at Mickey d’s.

Okay so maybe I exaggerated the story a little bit. But who could help that? The story is beautiful, inspirational and… oh God, I need to stop. So the copy is long and quirky and unnatural. Some readers won’t get the ad. Some readers will compare the pickle’s story to the cheese’s story. Overall, AdWeek praised Jakobsson for his creative willingness to get away from professional work. I praise Jakobsson for bringing some humor and creativity to my otherwise stale evening.

A Proud, Indignant Pickle’s Unlikely Path to Greatness

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