Tinka Lottery

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On Ads of the World I found a print campaign for client Tinka Lottery. The agency is Publicis, Peru. The product being sold is the Peru lottery game called Tinka Lottery. The odds of winning the lottery are one in 13,983,816. After research on the product I found that there are many guides to winning the Peru lottery game including, odd-even lotto number tips, lottery number group strategies, repeat hits lottery tips, etc.

The campaign by Publicis is advertising what the Tinka Lottery could do for you. The print ad focuses on many different scenarios of when two people interact. It could be the jeweler and the buyer, the driver of a limo and the passenger, or like the ad shown above, the golf course mower and the golf course player.

The ad is selling the reason for readers to participate in the Tinka Lottery. The ad does not directly single the reader out but rather the reader places him/her in the situation of the ad. The reader evaluates whom he/she would be in the situation and if the lottery could make them the “winner” in the scenario shown.

The intended audience of the ad is consumers who are over the legal gambling age and not wealthy. Lottery gamblers are adults who are not satisfied with their current salary or adults who would like to invest in a bigger product. Ultimately the intended target audience is adults who are willing to pay a little cash for the chance to get the big cash. The intended target audience is lets say… dreamers?

The products message is that there are two types of people in the world: the workers and the spenders. The target audience’s need is to be the spenders of the world. The campaign communicates to consumers that that Tinka Lottery gives them a chance to move from a worker to a spender.

The single most important thing being communicated in the ad: The winners of Tinka Lottery are spenders not workers.

The visuals are clever and straight to the point. Because the visual is extremely important to the ad I feel that I have to describe the whole ad for you. Enjoy: The background is a mustard yellow orange shade with a plain black drawing of a golf course, a jeweler counter etc. Next to the drawing are two white drawings of a Tinka Lottery scorecard. The scorecard that is associated with the winner has black dots on the scorecard indicating winning numbers. The winning scorecard is placed next to where the winner would be standing in the situation presented by the plain black drawing. The losing scorecard is placed next to where the loser would be standing in the situation presented by the plain black drawing. The visual of where a person would be due to the results on a scorecard is simple and clever. This is all thanks to Tay Pan Chu the art director (and I’m sure many more.) The visual is communicating that the winners of the Tinka Lottery are spenders and the losers (or non-players) of the Tinka Lottery are workers.

In the bottom left hand corner there is the logo that says Tinka very big and Lottery very small underneath it. The copy does not support or communicate the most important thing. The copy just says the brand and product. Although lacking, the lack of copy is what makes the ad. This allows readers to focus on the visual and figure out what the visual is saying rather than showing.

The context of the print ad is primarily in magazines or newspapers. I’m sure that the print ad can be found in a variety of magazines and newspapers because the intended target audience is vast. Style magazines include Tinka Lottery advertisements targeted towards women looking to buy name brands. Magazines for men can include Tinka Lottery advertisements targeted towards men who are in the market for big investments like boats, trailers, bikes. Travel magazines can definitely have Tinka Lottery advertisements for consumers wanting to travel. Parenthood magazines can have Tinka Lottery advertisements for parents looking for a helping hand in jump-starting their baby’s college fund. So my point is that the context of magazines allows the Tinka Lottery advertisement to reach a vast target audience that then communicates to readers that it is better to be a spender rather than a worker.

Tinka Lottery

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