I drew shoes.

images IMG_4736-2

Last summer I was at home waiting tables and taking a government class at a local community college. I spent most of my time working or studying but at night, when I had time to myself, I drew shoes.

Why shoes? Well I discovered Paper Fashion. Katie Rodgers, founder of Paper Fashion in 2009, is an artist who shares her fantastical watercolors with the world. Katie grew up in a small country town with three brothers (hey, kind of like me.) Katie escaped her mundanely life by finding an imaginative world in her set of watercolors. Before the age of 7 Katie painted her fantasies of fashion, whimsy, nature and dancing on water color blocks. Katie now resides in New York City and has a very successful business. Katie has been hired by large brands to do illustrations and advertising of products. Brands like Cartier, Valentino, Swarovski, Kate Spade, Coach, Lacoste, Elle and many other brands.

Okay cool, so why did I paint shoes? Well Katie painted shoes for Valentino and I couldn’t get over the beauty of each sketch. She found perfection with lack of precision.

Katie’s success story of building a brand from a hobby inspired me last summer and still today. Last summer I was stuck in a mundane routine so I started to draw shoes. The shoes were a start for me. I realized how much I liked art and design. I found talent I didn’t know I had. More importantly I found ambition. I finished the summer with some spending money for the next school year and another class under my belt. I didn’t start a business last summer but I did start a spark to a dream. Someday I hope to have a successful business or career where I can explore my passion for art and creativity.

I drew shoes.

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