Staedtler Pencils.


Okay, okay sorry for the excess of print campaigns. I just really like visual execution. Old school but it works. Above is a campaign I found on by Leo Burnett / Hong Kong. The client is Staedtler. Staedtler is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and has a great tradition of pencil making by Nuremberg pencil-makers shown in the advertisement. Staedtler has decades of experience, research and development of innovative products of the highest possible brand quality. Staedtler believes that every idea starts with a pencil and proudly claims to give form to ideas of people as a helpful tool for promoting flow of creative thoughts.

The advertisement is advertising Staedtler pencils. Staedtler realizes that the younger generation has been enveloped with the convenience of digital technology replacing classic technique of pencil sketching. The point of the advertisement is to remind people of the power of creativity that comes from freedom and inspiration of pencil sketching.

The intended audience is the younger generation who uses digital technology, like digital sketch, for design. The products message to the intended audience is that Staedtler pencils give form to creative thoughts. The target audience’s need is to execute ideas. The connection between message and need is: Staedtler pencils give creative thoughts form on paper.

The single most important thing being communicated in the ad: Staedtler pencils give form to ideas easier than digital sketches.

The copy of the ad supports the idea that pencils are easier to use than digital technology. The copy is very small and to the right of the Staedtler pencils. The copy is: “Where it all begins.” The copy is explaining the visual by not standing in the way of the visual. The visual is what really communicates the single most important thing of the ad: that pencils are easier to use than digital technology. The visual is a picture of pencils lined up next to each other. The pencils are very worn down and obvious that they have been sharpened, bitten and grasped. The pencil points are made of lead but the lead makes up building shapes. The buildings are different for every pencil. The classic building designs show that these designs were born from pencil sketches. The manufacturing that went into creating this visual includes magnifying and crafting Staedtler’s pencil tip graphite into microscopic miniatures of these icons.

The context of the campaign is Print Craft single or campaign. The media placement is unknown and the magazines and newspapers where the print ad was published is unknown. I would assume that the campaign was placed in magazines/newspapers where designers and creatives will see the Staedtler pencil advertisement.

Staedtler Pencils.

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